Tuesday, March 31

Preschooling at Home: Sensory Play with Rice

We've recently entered into a new phase in our house of three boys. It's the "I wanna go to schoooool!" Phase. But before I can agree to send my middle monkey off, I've told him we have to learn his colors, shapes, numbers, and letters before he can go. That should hold him off for awhile, right?

To make the learning more fun at home, I put together a few sensory play boxes for him to play and learn at the same time. We've been making games of it, and he's really picking it up quickly!

For this box, I used all items I purchased at my local dollar store:
- One bag of rice
- Some little kitchen cups in different shapes
- A pre-made shapes banner from the office supply aisle

For the first game, I laid one of the banners on the floor and had G find objects from around the house that matched the shapes on the banner. He had a great time rifling through his toys, the junk drawer, and even in his big brother's toy box, for matching items.

After that, I pulled out the big towel and brought the rice box out for some play. G really enjoyed scooping the rice into the shapes cups and then putting the rice on the matching banner. While he was doing this, I would quiz him to reinforce his memorization by asking him to scoop rice into a certain shape. When he got it correct, we made a big deal out of it with dancing and singing. He really had a great time! 

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