Saturday, October 29

10-Minute Fabric Art for the Impatient Crafter

I got to decorate my new sewing room recently and one of the finishing touches I put on it was this pair of framed fabric. I knew from the beginning of this whole renovation that I wanted fabric everywhere in the room, and the bare wall above this coat rack (my husband so creatively made for me) was no exception.

For me, this project was perfect because I am 1.) impatient, 2.) in love with using fabric for decoration, and 3.) ready to get this project over with. :) Thus, the 10-Minute Fabric Art project was born! 

To make your own, you'll need:
1 9" x 11" piece of fabric
1 8" x 10" frame
Craft glue that's safe for fabric

First, you'll take your frame apart, and take the cardboard 'dummy' photo that's in there out. Place the dummy photo on the wrong side of your piece of fabric.

Take your craft glue and line one edge of the dummy photo. I use Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue because it grabs the fabric and holds it without me having to sit there for awhile and wait. (I'm an impatient crafter like that. Gah.)
Once you've lined your edge with glue, take your fingers and carefully and slowly press the fabric on top of it. Repeat on all the other edges, and as you go around, make sure your a pulling your fabric tight so there are no wrinkles once you turn

Once you have all your fabric edges glued down, check the opposite side for wrinkles and then place back in the frame.

(Again, if you've paid close attention, I'm an impatient crafter, so I didn't wait for the glue to completely dry before I put it back in the frame. If you want to exercise the virtue my mother always wished I had and wait for the glue to dry before framing it - have at it, sister!)

And ta da! Here you have your pretty, framed fabric art! I think this would be veeerrry pretty with some big flowery prints or maybe some colorful Suzani patterns. Try those out for me, would ya?