Tuesday, August 16

Keep It Clean Burp Cloth Tutorial

Did I mention it's baby season around here for some reason? I'm beginning to believe the old "don't drink the water" joke considering how my circle of friends is growing... in the belly area. Heh.

To celebrate those cute, snuggly little throw-up machines babies here's a super simple tutorial for how to make your very own burp cloth with a little extra twist to keep Mama's shoulder from bearing the brunt of the attack.

These little cloths are a perfect marriage of 100% cotton material on the top and a polyester cuddly fleece on the bottom. Cotton is known for its awesome absorbancy, while polyester... eh, notsomuch. So this little cloth does double duty - it soaks up whatever baby's got for it on the top side, while the supersoft bottom side keeps it from seeping through to Mom's shoulder. Yay for that!

To make your very own, you'll need:

10 inches of 44-inch width 100% cotton fabric of your choice
10 inches of 44-inch width polyester "cuddle flannel"
(these measurements give you enough to make three cloths with)

Measure and cut one 9.5" x 14.5" rectangle from each piece of fabric (the cotton and the polyester). To make the rounded corners I used a jar lid and drew around the edge it with a water soluble marker, then cut the shape. If you don't want rounded edges, you don't have to do this.

Now lay your cotton and polyester pieces WRONG sides together, and pin securely. Flannel has a tendency to shift when you're sewing, so I always pin mine down "extry good."

Pick a corner and begin sewing with a 1/4" seam down both long sides and one short side of the fabric. Sewing with your fabric cotton side down is best, since the flannel tends to shift.

When you get to a rounded corner, the easiest way to make the turn is by slowly turning your fabric and feeding it in a circular motion through the needle around the bend. Once I've gotten both long sides and the bottom short side completely sewn, I continue on through the top short side, but leave a 3-inch unsewn gap for turning.

Once you've got that done, clip your rounded edges (be careful not to nip the thread!). That way, when you turn this baby right side out, your rounded corners will lay flat.

Remember the little gap we left unsewn? That's where you stick your little fingers inside and grab the far end of your cloth, then turn it right side out.

Once you're right side out, tuck about a 1/2" of fabric inside of the gap on each side and pin.

Iron the cloth out, including your pinned-shut gap. And now we're ready to put a topstitch on!

Using a 1/4" seam again, topstitch all the way around the cloth, including over the gap that was unsewn.

Now, doesn't that look better?
And POOF! You're done!

A baby gift in less than 20 minutes? Please, and thank you!