Wednesday, June 22

I {heart} baby gifts.

Apparently, 'tis the season for babies! I've been quite a busy bee whipping up some adorable little goodies for a friend of mine who is due in August.

She and I have some interesting history with pregnancy together. We were due with our first kiddos within a month of one another and when she was visiting me in the hospital after I had my son, her little girl decided she was not to be outdone and jolted her poor mama into pre-term labor and a room just down the hall from me. :) Try as they may, those nurses couldn't keep that baby girl in much longer and she made her debut exactly a week after my son.

Well, this same friend has beat me to the punch this time with her second baby on the way in August. I wanted to make something extra special for her little man, since I of course have just a small bias towards adorable, squishy little baby boys. Eeeeeee!!!

I love making baby boys look like little gentlemen. So what could be more perfect than these tie appliqued onesies? I had seen these floating around Etsy for quite some time so I decided to try my own hand at a set, and found they were super easy to make.

I also made a squishy little stuffed turtle in bright red patterns (since baby eyes just love reds!) using a wonderful tutorial by Ashley over at Make It and Love It.

Isn't that tail just the cutest thing ever?!