Wednesday, May 18

The Not-So-Dry Erase Board

What loves to re-purpose old things and has two thumbs? This chick! I introduce you to the latest addition to our kitchen, the not-so-dry erase board. With a husband that works all different hours and weird off days, we found that a dry erase board in our kitchen served as our own family's "dispatch" where we posted what leftovers are available in the fridge, event reminders, notes about our day, or just simple "I love yous." (Leftovers on Sunday, by the way, were homemade strawberry cupcakes with fresh cream cheese icing. Oh yeah. We know how to make leftovers a celebration around here.)

The board we used to have was a plain ol' white board, which I felt was completely inadequate for our new digs. (See those fantabulous green walls? The white board could do no justice.) So, I decided to take an old, cheap framed knockoff Monet that used to live in the spare bathroom (since it was such crap - pun intended) and turn it into my own masterpiece!

I simply took the picture from the frame, used my rotary cutter to cut a piece of fabric the same size as the glass, and then laid the fabric over the old picture. Put it back in the frame and you're all finished! I even attached my formerly-magnetized dry erase marker to the frame with a little square of Velcro. 

Side note: Board reads, "Boo - How do you like our new board? <3 Wife." Husband's first reply, "You didn't hang that with a wall anchor did you?" Oh, he knows me way to well. :-)

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  1. I just posted a similar project today! Great minds I guess... I used scrapbooking paper for my background I never even thought to use fabric... Love the pattern you used!