Monday, April 4

Boo Boo Bag Tutorial

To be honest with you, I'm pretty shocked my kid hasn't flown across the room via the ceiling fan yet. And the only reason he probably hasn't is because there isn't a ceiling fan in his room. If you're little one is anything like mine (or has the potential to be), this tutorial will hopefully come in handy for you. It requires minimal machine sewing skills, and could be sewn by hand just as easily.

The Boo Boo Bag is a staple in our house - it keeps nicely in the freezer and can be whipped out, ready-to-go at any moment for any ice-necessary injuries. The finished bag is about 6 in. x 4 in.

You'll need:
• 13 in. x 4.5 in. cut of fabric
• 16 oz. bag of lentils (or your favorite bean - I used lentils because no one in my house will knowingly eat them, and thus we have a surplus)

Take your 13x4.5 strip of fabric and fold it lengthwise, with the right sides facing each other, and secure with pins.

Next, sew the long sides of the fabric from the open end to the folded end using a 1/4" seam. I also went ahead and sewed across the top of the pouch, leaving about a 2-inch opening for me to pour the lentils into (the lentil chute!).

Now turn your little pouch right side out and get your lentils ready to pour in the lentil chute. (This is the part where you get to swear profusely under your breath when you can't find your funnel to get the beans to cooperatively pour into the pouch.)

Once you have your lentils in the pouch, fold in the edges of your lentil chute (the 2-inch opening you left) and topstitch all the way across the top of the pouch.

And, voila! You have a Boo Boo Bag! I store mine in the door of the freezer and spot clean it using a damp washcloth. 


  1. I need to try this!!! I'd love it of you joined the Glitter Link party!

  2. what a great idea! i need to do this. definitely beats the ziploc bag of peas we keep i our freezer for owie occasions.

  3. That's really cute. It looks easy to make. Thanks for the tute.
    I usually have to get a washcloth with ice in it for the boo boo and another washcloth with ice in it for my child to suck on.

  4. Is this able to be turned into a heat pack too? Or will that not work with the lentils?

    1. I haven't tested it out with heat, so I'm not sure how the lentils will hold up. If you're wanting one for heat, I know rice works well so you could stuff it with that instead. Thanks for stopping by, Katherine!